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Top Twenty Award 2015 for Grosvenor House

It is very satisfying and rewarding to get such great feedback and recommendations from the people that matter the most to us - our Residents and their families. We always strive to provide that ‘Wow” feeling in all we do – whether it be in providing compassionate care or engaging activities or enjoyable food or a warm homely environment.

Carehome.co.uk are to be highly commended for providing such an easy to use website and such a useful service to enable people to find the most suitable home-from-home for their loved ones at such a critical juncture in their lives. Its one of the toughest decisions to make and information from current and past residents and their families on the Carehome.co.uk website is so helpful and invaluable.

The award is the result of the hard work, dedication and above-all the compassion of our ever cheerful staff who always go the extra mile to ensure the highest quality nursing care, comfort and happiness of our residents.

We have a singular aim to ensure that Grosvenor House is a Home where we ourselves would want to live and we will continue our journey to be even better in the future.

Big achievements need big celebrations. So we look forward to a big party to celebrate this fantastic accomplishment.


Thank you carehome.co.uk!  And a heartfelt thanks to the residents and families for their affection. It energises us all for the journey ahead.


Mercy Johnson – Registered Manager

Jensy Paul – Deputy Manager

Kamal Khan -   Director

Munawar Sandhu - Director

Grosvenor House

Tutnall Hall